Lessons Learned From My First WSO

Product creation involves a lot of preparation and tedious work. Because this is my first time, I have learned that the initial planning is really important to avoid any unforeseen problems. Before you start creating your product, you need to know exactly what you want:Profit strategiesType of productDemand of the productDetails of the product – title, contents, lengthCover and website designCopy writingEmail newslettersPayment method Once you have all these information in hand, you can get your product up in few weeks. I have spent months in creating this product because I wasn’t sure what I want. I have put profit strategies as first priority because you don’t want to end up not earning any money after you invest so much on product creation.

You need to decide on selling a single product or you going to include an upsell or one time offer. You need to ask yourself some of these questions. How much sales you need to break even and make profits? What price point are you looking at? Once all these is done, you can decide how many products you want to create. You might have to create a bonus to get more buyers. Now you are clear on what you want, on your first week, you can start getting writers and graphics designer. At the same time, you can work on your copy writing and email newsletters. By second or third week, your ebook, cover, website, sales copy, newsletter is up. Please bear in mind that the duration depends on how many products you are creating. So a simple product can be up in less than a month. Another important point is to get a professional to do the work. Don’t do it yourself because you might need to spend more time. Furthermore, involvement in the product creation too long might bring down your level of motivation.

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