Awards Shopping Cart Increases Search Engine Visibility with New Advanced SEO

Awards shopping cart website software (BizWizard ShopKart) by NetSoft Studio has new analysis and correction features to perform search engine optimization (SEO) for increased visibility and higher rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask,, ShopZilla, Google Base, the Find, NexTag and PriceGrabber. More Details may be found at

One of the major dis-advantages of typical awards cart and trophy kart style websites today is the lack of visibility in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Awards and trophy store owners find themselves constantly frustrated with trying to gain the higher rankings in the search engines and they do not understand what to do, how to do it, and where to go for assistance. NetSoft Studio has been devoting the last 3 years to solving this problem.

BizWizard ShopKart web site e-commerce shopping cart software for the awards and trophy store owners, has consistently succeeded in developing, enhancing and promoting awards store with cart web sites from all over the world. Their latest technology invention, released July 22, 2010 provides even more functionality to specifically assist the awards store owners and managers in increasing their awards and trophy website shopping carts visibility and even rank on page one for all the major search engines.

The new features NetSoft Studio ( has developed provides an unparalleled advanced analysis of errors in categorizations and keywords that the awards and trophy shopping cart user has overlooked. In addition, to recognizing the errors and omissions in the trophy and awards cart website data loaded into BizWizard ShopKart, the proprietary technology on how the awards products are analyzed provides assistance to make corrections. User of NetSoft Studios trophy and awards cart software do not need to understand the intricacies of SEO since the hard work is automated within the awards shopping cart software itself.

When it is all said and done, Awards store owners gain higher rankings and new relevance on major awards and trophy industry search keyword terms such as acrylic awards, crystal awards, employee awards and more. These trophy and awards cart web sites using BizWizard ShopKart even rank on page one in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Niels Norby of SD Trophy located in Carlsbad, California had an early look at the new features. In the simplest words, he said, “I love it” – his excitement about being able to see aspects of his web site that he never knew were problems has provided him with the ability to advance his rankings and position in the search engines. Niels goes on to say “NetSoft Studio has developed software for the Awards and Recognition industry that are key to the success of my operations.” The new SEO analysis features are just one such example.

After reviewing the new enhancements NetSoft Studio has implemented, we can easily see avenues for their BizWizard ShopKart awards shopping cart software solution to work for many other industries such as the sign shop, print wear and embroidery industries. Mr. Matney, spokesperson for NetSoft Studio indicates they are making available to these other industries their shopping cart web site e-commerce software and will be exhibiting at the NBM A&E Long Beach Trade Show August 12-14 in Booth #730 with an audience from each of these industries.

While not everyone will understand the benefits of the trophy kart and awards cart software developed by NetSoft Studio due to its built-in SEO, those that take the time to understand exactly how BizWizard ShopKart is a key strategist in their corner of the world wide web to gain rankings will reap the rewards and benefits to good design and well thought out awards shopping cart web site solution.

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