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VCs and Fintech: A Match Made for Success

The fintech world is changing quickly. There are always new ideas, and VC (venture capital) firms seek methods to ensure their investments earn big in the long term. Venture capitalists are paying attention to how fintech is changing traditional finance and putting more funds into the growing sector.

Private investors usually take risks and aren’t afraid to back up crazy ideas. This has helped put many companies and entrepreneurs on the path to success. This complete guide shares insight from experts on both ends of the venture capital perspective– from fintech, which has raised a lot of funding, to investors with budgets in the millions.

The Shifting Financial Landscape

Doug Ludlow, the co-founder of MainStreet, says, “We’re seeing big, global institutions lose their financial power and give it to individuals. Access to investment tools that were once only accessible to upper-class families and historic banks is quickly becoming more open to everyone. This could be the biggest change in the balance of power in the financial world since the Medicis changed the way banking and finance worked 500 years ago.”

The financial power balance has shifted from a small number to a large number of institutions. This change is driven by a mix of new technologies, new ways of doing business, and a rapidly growing customer demand for more versatile financial services. “It’s not surprising that venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in the startup world are making the most of this change. Several trillion-dollar industries are up for grabs right now, and the difference in the stability of financial power will be huge, “added Doug.

Venturing into the Future: How VC Firms are Fueling Fintech Innovation

Venture capital firms have been in charge of most of the fintech revolution. They have played a significant role in the development and growth of the sector. Basil Moftah, Global Ventures’ General Partner, calls them “vital connectors in the ecosystem of fintech.” The financial revolution gives companies helpful advice, which can be very important to their success. They can also help entrepreneurs test out new ideas and find their way through the complicated world of finance.

VCs are like a bonding agent that binds the fintech and traditional financial worlds together so that their role will grow in the future. Many investment firms back companies as early as the seed funding stage and can keep doing so until the companies go public on the NASDAQ and other stock exchanges.

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Cracking the Code: The Formula for Attracting VC Funding in Fintech

The essential aspects that venture capitalists look out for in fintech firms are:


Venture capitalists like to know, first and foremost, who is working on the project. It’s not just about a concept or a product; it’s also essential to think about who will lead and develop these new ideas based on technology. “We see venture capitalists looking for bold people in fintech with good backgrounds. Startups in fintech often fail to imbibe that it’s not just the tech that makes things fly, but it is “regtech.” Startups need to know the sector, be able to get around the laws, and treat regulators with respect. This is the best way to go in the long run, “noted Kaidi Ruusalepp, CEO at Funderbeam.


Venture capitalists usually look for startups that can solve real-world issues or fit their vision of the future. Many of these shareholders are ready to take chances but are also interested in seeing good things happen. “If you want to get money, you have to be able to answer two questions; namely, the size and quality of your problem, and the strength of your solution, ” said Antoine Argouges, CEO of Tulipshare. He also mentioned, “Over the past two years, it has become clear that our structure is dysfunctional, and complaining about it hasn’t made any real changes. Now is the time to take action.”


Venture capitalists look for things that could be good. A lot of the time, they desire to see ideas that can grow and be used by a lot of people. Laurent Lamothe, the creator of R-Ventures and the previous prime minister of Haiti, said, “I think what draws VCs to fintech is its potential and the chance for the next unicorn.” “There is a lot of demand for payment systems that are easier, faster, and cheaper, and there is still space for more change in the financial industry.”

Other Variables to Weigh Up

Venture capitalists look for credible fintech startups that solve problems and have potential. They also look for the following:

  • Team
  • Business Model
  • Landscape of competitors
  • Vision and execution
  • Funding needs

Most importantly, venture capitalists want their money back and are open to taking chances. They also search for other things in fintech initiatives, but the ones above are among the most important.

Emerging Markets for VC Investment: Blockchain and Neobanks on the Rise

Distributed ledger technology, or blockchain, keeps account of purchases and shipments in order to improve safety, facilitate machine-to-machine communication, and save overhead costs in the absence of a central authority. Bitcoin and stablecoins are examples of cryptocurrencies. Due to the many advantages of blockchain technology, including decentralized finance, peer-to-peer lending without intermediaries, and smart contracts, it is expected that VC investments will increasingly embrace blockchain technology in 2022.

Since the blockchain ecosystem allows for cheaper, faster and more secure cross-border payment processing, it is no surprise that this expansion is fueling the birth of future unicorns. According to Tribal Credit’s Global Head of Product Arvind Nimbalker, cryptocurrencies will be widely adopted by businesses of all sizes as a result of their efforts to meet the demands of their customers.

To VCs, neobanks represent one of the promising new market segments. These financial institutions were deliberately created in order to exist solely online, and as a result, they typically feature sleek, user-friendly software but no physical locations.

“We regard the neobanks as having the greatest potential because they still enable development of massive checks and provide quality margin indicators thanks to a comprehensive line of supplementary services,” said the General Partner at Flint Capital, Dmitry Smirnov.

The Bottomline
The financial sector is going through many big changes, and it doesn’t look like this will stop any time soon. Venture capital firms do a lot for the fintech industry, and if you want to know about it, check it out on the Trade Finance Forum (https://www.tradefinanceforum.org/). For example, they fund startups so that a new group of financial services can emerge. Because of this, many good things have already happened, like making payments easier and giving individuals all over the globe better access to credit. So, it is crucial to understand how venture investors help fintech grow and why they are so important to the industry.

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