What is a blog and how you can make money with one ?

It’s a buzz word for the 2000s, everyone is talking about them, gossip queen blogs, financial blogs, life blogs – they’re all out there. The word Blog comes from two words “web log” and is a sort of ‘online diary’ of thoughts, events, pictures, general rantings or videos. Blogs can vary greatly in content, with

Learn why having these skills is a must

Learn why having these skills is a must

Welcome back! Having great Resume Skills is a must when it comes to presenting yourself to an employer. If your resume is not outlined and presented in a professional format, then this will only cause frustration to the hiring manager when they analyze your resume, not only for your job history, but on how well

Postcards from the attic: The online ‘Daak’ project that is exhuming lost literary gems

Every weekend, the subscribers of this initiative receive a digital postcard with a relatively unknown story, poem, or artwork with a chunk of curated information along with a ‘daak’ ticket on top. Did you know about the letter Mirza Ghalib wrote to his friend in praise of a mango, or one Okhil Chandra Sen wrote