Making Money From Your Photos

This is the second and final part of a series with ideas about how photo enthusiasts can make money from their hobby. In Part 1, we looked at promoting your services to local businesses and people that needed good photos for their own business or promotional purposes, as well as considering the kind of events where photographic memories are very important. In this second instalment, we’ll take a look at a couple of other ideas. Stock photography: Stock agencies are always looking for good stock photos that they can sell to clients. But submitting photos from your recent overseas holiday probably won’t get you far – there are simply too many photos of the Pyramids or the Eiffel Tower as it is. Think more “corporate”, more “business-like”. Flick through finance magazines at your local newsagent and see what kind of picture clippings they use to accompany their articles. A man in a business suit walking down a busy street? A close-up of a hand holding a fountain pen? People sitting around a meeting table in animated discussion? Now you’re getting the idea. With the advent of online stock agencies, it’s never been easier to join and submit your pictures for consideration.

Some of the more popular online stock agencies are: Then there are the “news” stock agencies looking for photos of celebrities or newsworthy events. if you’re interested in a career as a paparazzo, then check out: Entering photo competitions: Not all photo competitions give away cash prizes, but sometimes a new digital SLR can be almost as good! Competitions are a great at helping give you a different perspective of your photos – you think about them from the point of view of a judge, or a member of the public viewing them at an exhibition. It goes without saying that even being selected as a finalist at a major photography competition will be a major boost to your profile, ultimately helping you gain more business. This site regularly features updates on upcoming and current photo competitions for you to consider. Further Information: That’s a lot of suggestions that I’ve just laid out, but if you’re still keen on finding out even more, then there are other good resources out there that you may want to check out. I hope this series has been of benefit – some of these suggestions may have given you ideas that I’ve not mentioned here, which is great. Good luck! Postscript: Now it almost goes without saying that you had better be a decent photographer before embarking on any of these ventures – poor results will likely guarantee that your first experience with your customer will also be your last. Which is why developing and practicing your techniques, whilst finding your own photographic style that’ll make you stand out from the crowd, is so important.

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