Benefits of ACN Tech Support

Benefits of ACN Tech Support

Technology is ubiquitous these days. It is nearly impossible for someone to get through the day without dealing with some piece of advanced technology. Computers are everywhere. Nearly everyone has a cellphone of some sort. The Internet has made it impossible not to find whatever one needs at a moment’s notice. However, as the tech powering modern life continues to become more advanced, it also continues to become more confusing. Now, more than ever, people are starting to appreciate the need for technical support on-hand at any given time. Companies see this too, which is why even retailers are offering their own service plans. So, how does one go about convincing customers that ACN has a superior service on offer? The ACN plan, of course, covers much of the basics.

It offers unlimited technical support from technicians based in the United States – no more dealing with the incomprehensible accents of Indian agents. No offense to them, as they’re very competent at what they do; they’re just hard to understand because of the thick accent. Remote support is also a possibility and done securely, eliminating the need for in-home visits unless absolutely necessary. This is a nice change from most service plans, which don’t offer remote access support and prefer to send technicians to someone’s home if the problem can’t be fixed over the phone.

This takes away the hassle of clearing up schedules just to make sure someone is there to meet the technician. The Premium technical support plan also covers a number of other services, not necessarily limited to just solving computer problems. Their experts can also be called on for help in setting up an internal wireless network or figuring out why start-up is slower than normal. The plan also includes a feature called Internet Security, which covers a number of features that provide extensive protection against a variety of online threats. While everyone knows about viruses, not everyone understands the more subtle threat of things like malware and spyware. ACN technical support provides a defense against them without being too intrusive.

Unlike most other service plans, this package goes beyond just repairs. The plan also covers an unlimited backup support function, allowing people to make sure there is always a copy of all their data, just in case something happens to their computer. This might seem useless to many, but salesmen should remember to stress the importance of keeping back-up copies of crucial documents. Finally, mention that the plans have a reasonable – even low – price tag for all that’s included, and there’s enough flexibility to include just one computer or expand it to multiple devices.

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