Learn why having these skills is a must

Learn why having these skills is a must

Welcome back! Having great Resume Skills is a must when it comes to presenting yourself to an employer. If your resume is not outlined and presented in a professional format, then this will only cause frustration to the hiring manager when they analyze your resume, not only for your job history, but on how well you present yourself. Having poor skills in resume writing is not a good thing. If your resume is to cluttered, has spelling and grammar mistakes, these can be sure killers to getting you in for an interview. Why? You may say that you have all the required skills for the job and the adequate number of years of experience required, and so on. But if your resume has faults, this detracts from your resume presentation and makes you look less of a professional than you most likely are. When you are writing your resume, you need to use style and also use words that are specific to your industry, and the rest use the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method to writing.

Using words that are flamboyant and too articulate can cause problems. It is best to use every day business terminology. Also, use action verbs in your resume. Words like: Designed, Implemented, Constructed, Formulated, Instructed, etc. Using these words will make your resume come alive and draw attention to the reader. You are using affirmative action words and this alone does make you sound more professional. Having great resume skills when writing your resume is a necessity that cannot be ignored. Some other points to consider are:No more than 2 pages for your resumeUse a basic font type, such as Arial, or Times New Roman in 10 to 12 point font at the most for text and titlesBold and underline title sections of your resumeKeep your sections short as possible and to the pointPut your full name, home address, phone numbers and emails at the top of the first page, and then your name and phone numbers and email address on the top right corner of the second page.

Put your objective statement at the top of the first pageList your work history next, with the company name, followed by the city/stateFor each position it is best to list the dates worked in the format: MM/YYYY to MM/YYYYUse action verbs throughout your resume for emphasis while describing your jobKeep your sections as short and brief as possible describing the skills that you performed for a jobList your education and special skills at the end of your resume I hope that this information has helped you with planning and using proper resume skills to get the end result which is a clean and polished looking resume with great content and free of spelling and grammar mistakes. If you would like to use a great tool for helping you write a professional resume, have a look at my review of the Amazing Resume Creator.Related Posts

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