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People who pen down the articles on behalf of any other person are known as Ghostwriters. He generally does not get his name published in those writings. Most of the time, the celebrities get their autobiographies done from these Ghostwriters. The rich people too, hire these ghostwriters for the same. To name a few, Hillary Clinton, JF Kennedy and also the pop diva Madonna have hired their writers for the books. As these celebrities cannot find time to write themselves, but have the money to hire a ghostwriter, they go in for one. The politicians too have their own Ghostwriters who are the people who write the speeches and the other correspondences. As the Ghostwriters do not get any name or recognition for the service, they take heavy one time fees. Recognition Not always do the ghostwriters go unnoticed.

Most of the times, the names of these writers are given on the acknowledgements page or sometimes as the co- writers. Thus, here they aren’t called the Ghostwriters, but collaborators. Varieties of Ghostwriters Not always do the people who hire these Ghostwriters lack the talent of writing. Sometimes established professional writers hire ghostwriters due to their lack of time, and also for refinement of their work. Just like the Star Wars Novel, which was mainly a ghostwriter’s work, and also the Hardy Boys series that had the main author as Franklin W Dixon. Why do you need a Ghostwriter? It is definitely a good idea to get professional writers, especially a Ghostwriter for your articles. The best reasons are: They can give you the best content for your site They can write a blog everyday according to your requirement They can prepare you tailor-made, refined and good e-books.

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